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The Story Of Impact Mailing Club

There are a lot of over-hyped “Mailing” or “Direct Mail” type business opportunities that appeared in 2019 in the home business space with promises galore. Leaders were jumping from opportunity to opportunity, opening envelopes of cash promising their recruits much of the same.

It seemed too good to be true.

...and that’s because for the most part, it was.

So, in came Impact Mailing Club. Why was it different? How was it different? What did Impact Mailing Club promise and deliver on that the other Direct Mail companies weren’t delivering on?

How Impact Mailing Club Came to Fruition

Our story is an interesting one and started in a messenger chat with myself and the owner, Rose Alameda.

We were seeing the hype of what started to look like a cash gifting scheme with a program called 30 Day Success Formula. We were definitely intrigued ….but our conversation went in another direction as we were not impressed with the Cash Envelope opening parties that we were seeing online but by the method of advertising - Direct Mail.

As marketers in the home-business space, we were interested in other methods of advertising, other than the traditional online methods we were taught - methods that were often difficult for newbies because there was a huge learning curve.

In the context of promoting our own existing businesses, we talked about lawn signs, offline magazine ads, Road signs ….. and direct mail.

And we researched…. and researched and researched some more.

We were especially interested in Direct Mail.

Simply speaking, Direct Mail involves the mailing of a physical promotional piece to a physical mailing address in the interest of acquiring customers to a business.

We learned that Direct Mail has a high ROI (Return on Investment) We learned that the amount of people opening email marketing had declined by 65% . We also learned that not that many people were using Direct Mail as a marketing method and that there was a way that Direct mail could reach a target audience.

This information prompted us to take a second look.

Full transparency. It was not all peaches and cream - initially.

We initially found a company that we thought we would partner with - one that matched the concept we were interested in. It included both a business opportunity that used Direct Mail as a method of advertising and promised targeted, high quality business leads to mail the business opportunity to ….or we could mail information about our existing business opportunities to.

It seemed like a win-win. The concept made sense.

But the company did not - make sense, that is.

The customer service was lacking, to say the least. The leads proved to re-sold, old, low quality and not at all targeted and we were not going to leave our customers high and dry.

Enter Impact Mailing Club.

The concept still made sense but what the other company lacked, we needed to provide and with so so much more.

Direct Mail works... when you do it right. Thanks to my business partner and Owner of Impact Mailing Club and our amazing support staff, we are going ALL IN and providing more and more value and additional products and resources every day as we go along.

In July 2019, Impact Mailing Club was created providing:

💎Quality home business mailing leads -verified, scrubbed, certified with USPS and NCOA registries both for our members and non-members.

💎Income Opportunity for people as a reseller of our lead membership program.

💎Available in the US and Canada .

💎Excellent Customer Service

💎Dedicated Membership support team.

💎Dedicated lead support team.

💎Dedicated Spanish support. (All our resources are available to the Hispanic Community in the Spanish language)

💎Innovation - continuously growing with new products, mastermind events, training and mailing resources.

Dispelling misconceptions about Impact Mailing Club

So here is what we are NOT and where people misunderstand the business opportunity part of this. I want to dispel a few misconceptions.

The truth is, when people search for an Impact Mailing Club Review, they come across a ton of misconceptions and the most common one refers to cash gifting as it lumps Impact Mailing Club into the same category as some of the other fly-by-night mailing programs that came up in 2019.

First, while there is a cash component to the opportunity, we are not a fly by night biz opp or cash the ones you have seen out there.. not even close!!

We are a lead membership program with a strong quality product - high quality, home-business mailing leads that can be used to promote any home business opportunity, not just this one. We are here for the long run. We are dedicated to making this mailing business STRONG for years to come with new products, training and innovation.

The reason for the cash component...

1) It's fun and motivating for our resellers.

2) It eliminates the need for payment processors like paypal (although we do offer electronic payment options for those who want it.

3) It is a peer to peer program that gives our members some control over their sales and marketing and payments.

Feel free to join our Facebook Group and check us out or watch the video to learn more about our program. Want to learn about how Impact Mailing Club can help your existing home-business? Send me a message on Facebook and let's chat!


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